Monday, April 4, 2011

Gymnastics Are Physically Fit!

One of the most important reasons to introduce children to gymnastics is to help them become physically fit. 16% of children ages 6- 19 are overweight or obese. That's over 9 million kids! Gymnastics is so much fun, your children will exercise in a very fun way. This week's lesson utilizes the mailbox for vaulting and cartwheel skills. Children will also work on cartwheels, handstands, and on their flexibility. Please encourage your child to work on splits and stretching every day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gymnastics builds self esteem!

Dear Parents,

Please read why skillful gymnastics instruction is uniquely beneficial for your child. (According to Jeff Metzger, USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner and President of Kids First Sports Center.)

'Young human being experience life in the physical realm. It is a huge event in the life of a child when s/he learns to jump, skip, or turn a cartwheel. These events have far more impact on a person's psychological makeup that does learning to conjugate a very for solving for X.

Good, bad, right or wrong, young children tend to from a perception of their competency as a person based on how well they stack up physically compared to their peers. For young children, feeling competent physically reinforces a general belief that "I am capable," a foundational component of a healthy self-esteem. Other components are: "I am lovable," "I belong," "my views count," "I am in control of myself." A healthy self-esteem is a requisite for inner peace and happiness and is a worthy goal for all of us.'

This week we will work with the peanut ball to increase coordination, balance and to develop strength. We will also work on eye hand coordination with the balls.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gymnastics 2011

I am very excited to begin a new year of gymnastics with all of my students. I strive to make your child's gymnastics class the most fun they have all day long! There are so many great things a child gains by their involvement in this wonderful sport.

Children who are active in their early years have a significantly great chance of achieving success in school. This is because gymnastics stimulates the brain and develops readiness skills, such as body awareness and coordination that are crucial to classroom learning. Children who do not reach this level of developmental maturity have trouble paying attention and sitting still.

So when your child tells you that she or he had a great time in gymnastics, you will know how much more is going on than fun!

Many new challenges and interesting experiences await your child this year with Rapunzel's Gymnastics. This week's challenges include the springboard and rhythmic skills with ropes.

Thanks for enrolling your child in my class.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gymnastics is good for your child!

As a parent, you are doing wonderful things for your child by enrolling them in gymnastics. Study after study confirms that children enrolled in sports (including gymnastics) are more likely to avoid drugs, score higher on achievement tests, stay in school, have higher self esteem, and live a healthier life style. The children in gymnastics not only learn motor skills, but interpersonal skills, perseverance, discipline, commitment, humor, perspective, teamwork, humility and leadership. So be sure to give yourself a pat on the back for helping your child be more successful in life!

This lesson focuses on the peanut ball for forward rolling skills, back limbers and strength training. It's a bit hit with the children since it's so much fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gymnastics fosters autonomy!

Experiences that encourage and nurture thinking, self-trust, and autonomy are to be valued. In gymnastics we help foster success by challenging children within their ability to succeed. In place of competition, a culture of cooperation and reward for self-improvement is fostered. Everyone can win only when winning is defined as 'your personal best', instead of being better that everyone else. This definition of winning puts each gymnast in full control of the outcome of their efforts - this is an important component of self esteem.
I love the sense of pride and accomplishment I see in children when they master a new skill!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad!

All children benefit from gymnastics participation. Parents, you are doing a terrific job by getting your child interested in this educational sport. Many of the benefits of gymnastics are not related to learning gymnastics skills, but more important developmental areas that will help your child become a better student and young adult.
Some of the benefits of gymnastics participation are: self confidence, coordination, hard work ethic, flexibility, social skills, discipline, fitness, overcoming fears, learning to perform in front of people, determination, and strength development.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rolling Skills and Beanie Babies

This week's lesson focuses on rolling skills: log rolls, forward rolls, and backward rolls. All skills are done on the wedge to making rolling easier. Gymnasts will climb up the wall to practice their handstands. Please ask your child to show you how they can climb the wall! Our coordination activity is the Beanie Babies.